Sunday, August 17, 2008

heeeee :)

TANNGA akan ke RANTAI MERDEKA dis 29th-31st of aug 08. rantai merdeka akan dijalankan kat JAYA ONE,PJ (4 mre info. pliz log on to as usual, kami akn jual brg2 mcm handmade tshrts,shoes,paintings,boxers,artworks. but dis time, ktorg akn jual COOKIES people!!!cookies yg sgt sdap!!heeee :) now our tangga people are very busy making their artworks. i cant wait to show our stuff. owh yea!pliz spread the words to ur frens (kwn2 yg kamu suke!haha). support us!!!hihi :)
k, i think dats all 4 now. later. heeee :)

iefiz :D


Tangga Group said...

ya im hard working to do AS much as i can,to make a stuff..penat!!huhu..da la..masa event adi tak ade..hope the group going well k..